I’m at a crossroads of sorts.  Currently, I’m working a day job that fulfills the bank account, provides for immediate needs and a little bit of fun, but I’m still waiting.  I keep waiting for more time to do what I love and I keep waiting for the day when that passion turns into my dream and I can eliminate the day job and write full time.   All this waiting gives me plenty of time to think and that can be dangerous.  It starts with dreams of what it will be like when I am a published author which immediately leads to thoughts of planning and organizing how this change will be incorporated into my families lives.  Recently my thoughts have turned more introspective and that is absolutely terrifying!  I have realized that waiting is my excuse.  That the someday might not happen unless I make today about my dream.  It is very hard to hide from your thoughts, they do continue to follow you.


I think it is because waiting is safe.  You can safely wait on the sidelines and dabble in what you love and just put out a few things here and there.  Safely waiting……hoping that by some miracle the right person will see your work and come and find you, begging you to share your words with the world.  What a marvelously romantic thought!  So easy to just wait.

I am here to tell you I am waiting no longer.   I no longer hitting the snooze button on what I love.  I am pushing it to the front and letting nothing get in my way.  I will post, publish, write, create, and share.   The waiting will be left for those who read my work and are waiting on the sidelines until the next piece becomes available.

If you are waiting to start anything that you really love – I challenge you to get up and work towards your dream.  I will see you on the other side, after all, I have had plenty of time to think about how great it is going to be.   What comes next?  Wait and see…..


Writers Soul

This has been a particularly difficult week for me professionally.  I have been forced to start thinking about permanently changing my profession.  No matter what type of job you have, you want to feel as though your efforts mean something to someone.  This recognition doesn’t necessarily need to be monetary, although that is the best kind, but it could just be a simple sentence of thanks or a kind word of praise and it can keep you going for quite sometime.

Writers know the value of a beautifully structured sentence, each word hand selected to convey the essence of your feelings.  As a writer, your internal thanks and praise comes from a different source, your soul.  The soul of a writer soars when the words flow freely and the idea breaks free and begins to form on the page.  The soul of a writer springs to life when the voice of a character begins to speak directly to them guiding them down the path of a new adventure.  Every writer has within themselves the ability to feel complete and content by nurturing their soul through the artistry of words.

I’m so thankful this week for the blogging challenge through WriterPower! as it has helped to feed my writers soul.  I have felt more like a writer this week than I have in a very long time.  I have made some new friends through this challenge and their encouragement has been a true gift.

Be good to yourselves, fellow writers, never give up and make sure that you feed your writers soul everyday.


I thought it might be fun to do a writing exercise. As writers we need to constantly push ourselves and keep those creative juices flowing.

My challenge to you is to write in 200 words or less the description of a place, you can use every sense except for sight. You can describe smells, tastes, touch, and sounds. Try to convey your place without the use of any visuals.

Please send your submission via email and I will post them on my page. I would never ask you to do something that I am not willing to participate in as well. I will work on mine and post in the morning.  Good luck and happy writing!!

Writers Digest


One of the greatest tools I use on a regular basis is Writers Digest magazine.  It is absolutely the best.  I can’t wait until the next issue hits my mailbox.  I will read every single page, cover to cover.  It is filled with valuable information for writers at every level.

I keep every copy, they are well used, filled with highlighted areas, or the pages ear marked for future reference.  If you don’t have a subscription – get one.  You will thank me later.

Happy Writing!!



There are certain smells that can trigger such a strong memory for me.  Southern fried chicken reminds me of my Mamaw.  I was raised in the South by strong Southern women, my dad was there as well, but nothing compares to the women in my life.


I reflect back as I am older on the rich and colorful life that I had growing up.  My Mamaw was a strikingly beautiful woman.  She worked from the moment her feet hit the ground until late in the evening.  She didn’t work because she “had to” but because of the deep love she had for her family.  I used to sit on the counter in her immaculate kitchen and watch her skilled hands cutting up the chicken and getting ready for frying.  I could sit there for hours watching her and talking to her.  I would ask a million questions and she would take such patience and care to answer each one.  When I asked why her chicken was so good, she told me that she had love in her hands and that is what made her chicken taste so good.  Her mashed potatoes, we called them “fluffies” in our family, were legendary and I am doing you a favor by not describing her gravy!  It was unbelievable; you would be happy eating it all by itself.


I have tried for years to recreate her fried chicken, I have come close but I don’t feel like it quite makes the grade.  Tonight, I gave it another try.  My granddaughter, Dakota, was helping me in the kitchen.  She is three going on sixteen and I can see that she will follow in the long line of strong women in our family.


Just like when I was a little girl, she loves sitting on the counter while I cook.  The chicken began to cook and the familiar smells began to fill my kitchen.  I was whipping the “fluffies” as fast as my arm could go when Dakota tilted her head to the side and said, “Noni? Why is your chicken so good?”  I never hesitated with my answer, “I have love in my hands, and that is the magic that makes my fried chicken taste so good.”  Her beautiful little face brightened up and she said, “Feel my hands, they have love in them too!”  Her little hands cupped my face and pulled me close.  Talking nose to nose I said, “I can feel the love in your hands, Dakota!”  Beaming back at me, she whispered, “I will be a good cook like you, Noni!”  Fighting back the tears I just shook my head and gave her a big hug.


Sitting on the counter, behind where Dakota was sitting, is the personalized cookbook that my three daughters made for me for Christmas, it contains all our family recipes.  The cover is a picture of my Mamaw cooking in her kitchen.  The circle of our family continues.  I hope my Mamaw was looking down watching the two of us cooking together and I hope she was proud.

yes, yes, YES!!!



yes, yes, YES!!!

It sounds like a part of a great love scene, doesn’t it? Let’s put that thought on hold for a minute!  I have added a new word to my vocabulary, it’s small,  but carries a powerful punch.  Yes.  Yes, I am a writer.  As in anything that is a solitary adventure it is important to start with a positive message to yourself.  Yes.  My personal goal this year is to do everything to motivate, push and encourage myself to write.  At every turn when it comes to writing my answer is simply – yes.  Do you want to participate in a 30 day blog challenge?  Yes.  I may not have blogged every single day of the thirty day challenge, but it did what it was meant to do, pushed me in front of the computer more often than perhaps I would have done.  Do you want to participate in a 7 day blog challenge?  Yes.  It started today and look where I am, right in front of the computer, working away.  Recently I was asked to be the “foodie blogger” for the Woodbury Patch.  My answer?  That’s correct!!  Yes.  Camp NaNoWriMo?  YES!!

I want writing, in all forms, to completely take over my life.  I am the most content when I am writing.  I feel such a great sense of accomplishment and joy when I am staring at the blank screen in eager anticipation of my fingers dancing across the keys.  By continually saying yes to writing it becomes a higher priority in my life.  The higher I place it on my priority list,  the more attention it will receive.  Ultimately, with the positive power of yes, I will be a full-time writer.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and will join me in using the power of yes!  If you are not a writer, what is it that you want to do or accomplish more than anything?  Start small, start with yourself, and just say – YES.  Before you know it the passion will ignite, the tension building to a fevered pitch.  You will feel your breathing begin to change, your heart pounding so hard you think it will burst in your chest.  With ragged breaths you will push and push yourself until you stand at the edge, lingering that one last final moment, enjoying every ounce of ecstasy that it has brought you.  Then let yourself go and toss your head back and shout, yes, yes, YES!!!






Not even fifteen minutes ago, my youngest daughter Jillian came busting through the door.  She was screaming at the top of her lungs, “Ice Cream Man! Ice Cream Man!”.  The way she came through the door sounded like the entire back side of our house had completely blown up.  My husband who was watching golf with his eyes closed lurched to a half sitting position and starting swinging the remote like a sword.  I, being the calm, cool, collected adult in the household,  jumped to my feet and began running almost in a complete circle shouting, “Where’s my purse!  Quick, find it!”  Jillian was able to stop yelling long enough to locate my purse as I was still doing pirouettes in the kitchen.  Both Jillian and I looked down in my purse hoping to be the first person to locate any kind of money.  I was frantic as I was rifling through my purse like a dog digging for a bone.  I spotted a twenty and snatched it from in between my checkbook and a pack of gum.  I hoisted that beautiful piece of green high above my head exclaiming, “Woo Hoo, found some!!”  Then I looked my daughter right in the eye and gave her my best words of advice to date, “Run, honey, run!!”  She shot of there like a rocket and followed her out the door clapping my hands and saying, “I want a fudge bomb and get dad a drumstick.”   She returned a few minutes later with the ice cream tucked in her arms and the change from my twenty clutched in her hand.  We sat in the livingroom, all three of us, licking happily listening to some guy quietly drone on about the golf game.

About mid fudge bomb I had an epiphany.  Ice Cream men drive about 4 miles an hour and children, who have to go and retrieve money, are their main customer.  So why do we completely lose our minds when we hear the tinkling of that little song, even from blocks away.  When I was a child, I would hear that song and it would be like hearing a starter pistol at a race, I was off to find my mother and get some cash.  Yet, in my lifetime I can not recall a single time that with my money in my hand did the ice cream man just wave at me and say, “sorry kid you were too late”.   However, I can promise you this, even though I have thought this through logically, if Jillian ran in the house tomorrow shouting, “Ice Cream Man!” I would break my neck to get to my purse!!

Enjoy your day!!  Eat some ice cream!